St Anne's Diocesan College |School Magazine| The Unveiling of Mandisa
Editor Jenna McKenzie
Pages 12 - 13

'On Wednesday 12 October, as the Midlands sun cast its warm glow over the red-brick buildings, a remarkable unveiling took place in the beautifully manicured chapel garden: that of a life-sized bronze statue, Mandisa, honouring the first black girl who joined St Anne's in Grade 8 in 1981 and matriculated in 1985...'

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March 2023
Edited by Anne Schauffer
Pages 32 -37

Sarah Richards lives and works in the Balgowan area of the Kwazulu Natal Midlands, and her bronzes are in little and large private and public spaces, indoors and out. She considers herself extremely blessed to have reached this place and stage of her journey: “I have a truly beautiful home which looks out at Giant’s Castle Mountain, and a wonderful studio with a natural forest behind me, and stunning views. I can wander up to the house when I want a break, and I can work long hours when the need arises.”...

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The Midlands - The very best of Country Living
July/August 2022
By Alicia Du Plessis
Pages 44 - 45

"Originally born in Durban, Sarah Richards is now based in Balgowan and has been and artist all her life, drawing, painting and making sculptures. She has been immersed in working with the bronze medium for over 20 years now, creating sculptures in various shapes and sizes, from wild animals, dog, birds and busts..."

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The Meander Chronicle
7 April 2020
by Garth Johnstone

'Well-known Midlands sculptor Sarah Richards draws inspiration from her studies and places she’s worked around the world, but mostly gets her mojo “from what I come into contact with directly in my life or guided by the flow my life takes”....'

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Inflight Magazine
Nov 2019
by Shannon Correia
Pages 89 - 92

'Richards specialises in bronze sculptures, a medium she loves. “A bronze will outlive generations. It’s an investment in time. If you buy a bronze for your business, it’s a testament to the belief in your legacy. It says: ‘We are here to stay [and] you can trust us’,” she explains..."

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Dec 2019 -Feb 2020
Pages 76 - 79

'South African artist and sculptor, Sarah Richards, loves to see sculptures in public spaces, where people can interact with them. In this public appeal, the artist is able to “produce works that they can enjoy, touch, sit on and wonder at,” says Richards. “I think that is why I am happy with doing so many commissioned works. I prefer working directly with a client and creating the works, not exhibiting them.”....'

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Premier Magazine
December 2019
by Shannon Correia
Pages 40 - 43

'Inspired by the world and the beautiful parts of life, Sarah Richards brings both creatures and humans to life in the complex form of bronze sculptures. Richards loves the medium of sculpture - “A bronze will outlive generations. It’s an investment in time. If you buy a bronze sculpture for your business, it’s a testament to the belief in your legacy.”......'

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The South African Artist
Page 46 - 47
Issue 3 - March/April 2012

'These 10 tips are for artists wanting to sell their work are gathered from my experience over the past few years as I have put more effort into selling my work'

Tip 1 - Make sure your work is of a professional standard. Presentation is everything. A scruffy drawing in a portfolio bag is not going to impress anyone. Get at least one picture framed, so the professional effect comes across from the beginning. Sculptures should be mounted onto bases, and dust free....

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Classicfeel - music arts culture lifestyle
Page 34 -35
September 2011

...For this exhibition, she has chosen the male body because it represents an aspect of herself to her which is intrinsically masculine in nature: organised,achieving, linear, strong, physical, athletic, yearning to be free and desperate control her environment and her life.

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